10 Health benefits of onion | nutritional value

Basic characteristics of onion

Onion (Allium cepa) is a plant that belongs to the bulbs, because the root of the onion belongs to bulbs, which is edible and is used in the kitchen. Onion is widespread vegetable because of its large advantages of utilizing in the kitchen – onion can be used raw, roasted, baked, in salads, in cooked dishes, sauces. In addition to applications in the kitchen as a seasoning, onion has medicinal properties long been demonstrated, but it still used in the natural treatment with herbs.

The origin of onion is soil of Asian continent, from ancient Persia, or present-day Iran. It is believed that onions were used in the time of the Egyptian Empire, where it was grown in the gardens.

Nutritional value of onion

Characteristic of onion is to possess hot taste while eating; while chopping, onion forcing us to tears. A substance which is located in the onions and causing this phenomenon is sulphur.

In the onion in larger measure found vitamin C, then vitamin B1, B2, folic acid, vitamin E and vitamin A.

Of the minerals, in the onions are represented iron, calcium, potassium, sulphur, iodine, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium.

Characteristic of onion is to possess hot taste while eating; while chopping, onion forcing us to tears. A substance which is located in the onions and causing this phenomenon is sulphur.

In the onion through medical investigations was found an herbal hormone labelled as gluquinine, which is similar to insulin in man, so it is recommended consumption of onion by diabetics because it regulates blood sugar levels.

Among other nutrients, in the onions were established:

- Fiber, fats, proteins, glycosides, carbohydrates, essential oils flavonoids, quercetin and a substance which is also found in garlic, and marked as allicin.

The presence of quercetin in onions, plays a major role in preventing tumors arise. It is considered as an excellent antioxidant, as well as antihistamine, because it relieves symptoms associated to allergies.

Health benefits of onion

1. Cardiovascular system

The presence of sulphur compounds it gives onions anticoagulant activity, or prevention of the formation of blood clots, blood thickening and clogging of blood elements on the walls of blood vessels, which can be extremely high risk of blockage of blood vessels of the heart and brain.

In addition, the sulphur compounds in onions regulate blood pressure, such as by lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Therefore add to daily diet a small head of fresh onion, and you will adjust health.

2. The regulation of blood sugar levels

Scientists at the beginning of the twenties of the last century found in onions presence of plant hormones similar to insulin, which have the capacity to imitate the man insulin in manner to regulate glucose levels.

3. Onion is a natural antibiotic

There is no better natural cure for protection against viruses and bacteria from the onion. Onion has the ability to boost immune system, to acts like antiseptic and antimicrobial agent and cleaner of damaged cells.

4. Respiratory tract

Since ancient times, it was known for healing properties of the onion in the treatment of colds and coughs. In the form of a syrup, which is obtained by mixing onion and honey or cooking onions in milk obtained natural remedy for coughing. Also, inhaling fumes from a freshly severed onion refines stuffy nose and blocked sinuses.

5. Onions as a diuretic

In diseases of the heart and blood vessels, regulation of the disturbed sodium: potassium relations or renal disease can help onion because it regulates the level of fluid in the body and helps the excretion of excess water from the body.

In natural medicine most commonly used combination of onions + parsley + celery in order to eliminate excess water from the body.

6. Onions for better bones

Scientific work has proven that onions have substances that improve bone density, and therefore it is recommended for women in menopause in order to prevent osteoporosis. It can be said that the onion possesses ant rheumatic properties, relieves inflammation and pain in the joints. Also, onions due to the presence of sulphur have a beneficial effect on the maintenance of the quality of connective tissue and tissue envelope.

7. Digestive tract

Onions stimulates the digestion, so which affects the increased secretion of gastric juices, enzymes from the pancreas and gallbladder. Individuals has mind with onion, because it provokes bloating in the stomach, gases, or stomach cramps. These phenomena are related to the content of sulphur in onions. To avoid these problems, people with these problems should cook onions uncovered, so the excess sulphur can evaporate. Another way is to put onion in cold water for a few hours, to sulphur came out into the water, in order to make it easier to digest onions.

8. Onions against anemia

The presence of iron and folic acid in onions makes it a good ally in the fight against anemia.

9. Onions against insect bites

In addition to numerous healing effects on the organism, onions can also be used for removing symptoms of pain and redness caused by bites of wasps or bees. Just drip some fresh juice from onion to this place and pain and swelling will disappear.

10. The anticancer effect of onion

The presence of flavonoids in onions, especially quercetin, reduces the occurrence of tumor cells. Onions reduces the risk of colon cancer and ovarian cancer.

Recipes with onions for natural healing

  •  Removal of heartburn, abdominal cramps and bloating

Take half the onion and finely chop it. Cook onion in milk and strain it. Drink a small cup before eating.

  •  Treatment of bronchitis and cough

If you have bronchitis, colds, flu prepare beverage of onions with milk. Take 2 tablespoon onion that is sliced and boiled it in two cups of milk. This potion is drunk every morning and evening before meals. It can be sweetened with honey.

If you have problems with coughing, then make natural expectorants with onions. Cut onion into slices and drizzle with 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Leave an onion standing all night, and in the morning before breakfast, drink syrup, which is made from onion and honey.

  • Onions + parsley + celery

If you have problems with accumulation of water in the body, edema, gout, problems with blood pressure make this juice.

In 32 fl oz water boil two onions, 7 oz parsley and celery. Parsley, celery and onion previously cut into pieces. After cooking, drain the juice and drink during the day.

How not to cry while cutting onions?

It is recommended that the knife is often wetted with cold water while you cutting onion.

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