9 Health benefits of Strawberry | nutritional value

Basic characteristics of strawberries

Strawberry is an herbaceous, low plant, which exists in two varieties - wild strawberry and domestic (strawberry breeding). It belongs to the genus Fragaria and family of roses (Rosacea).

Within the genus Fragaria, there are six species, five of which are distribution-moderate in the northern zone of the world, while only one species cultivated in Chile (Chilean strawberry).

Strawberries can be grown on all types of soils and do not require special conditions of keeping. It is easy to multiply and spread, and under the green leaves sprout abundant red fruits.

Today, besides the usual strawberries with red fruit and heart shape looks, there are strawberries which give yellow fruit that is tastier then red berries.

Nutritional value of strawberries

These red, juicy fruits contain a lot of water (80%) of the total quantity of fruit. The rest of the nutritional part strawberries make:

- Carbohydrates 7.7%
- Fibber 2%
- Fat 0.3%
- Sugars 4.7%
- Proteins 0.5%
- 1 mg of sodium
- Calcium 16 mg
- 153 mg of potassium

Vitamin part of the strawberries occupies most vitamin C, slightly less amounts of vitamin A and beta carotene. It is believed that in eight strawberries quantity of vitamin C corresponds to the same amount in one orange. Also in the berries are present vitamins of the B complex.

The strawberry is a fruit that is rich in potassium, which makes it extremely important for maintaining normal blood pressure and preservation of the heart and blood vessels.

In addition, strawberries contain mineral iron and they are important for the prevention of anemia, as well as vitamin folic acid, which is very important for pregnant women who have intensified the need for this vitamin during pregnancy.

From sugar in strawberries were found all three types of sugar - glucose, fructose and sucrose. It is easily digested and the presence of plant fibers allows regulation of blood sugar and maintaining normal levels of insulin, which is why strawberries are recommended as a fruit choice for diabetics.

Characteristic of strawberries is that do not contain cellulose!

In the strawberry is placed and ellagic acid, which possess anticancer property; ellagic acid prevents the dissemination of tumor cells via the blood.

The wealth of flavonoids and antioxidants helps prevent damage to the brain cells and the appearance of degenerative changes in the nerve cells.

Health benefits of strawberry

1. Strawberries are a good source of antioxidants

Flavonoids from strawberries are active antioxidants that prevent cell damage processes in the body and their mutations. Also they are slowing the aging process of cells, thus delaying the appearance of wrinkles, dry and wrinkled skin and hair loss.

2. Protector of the heart and blood vessels

Potassium in strawberries has a role to regulate elevated concentration of sodium which leads to increased blood pressure. Strawberries influences enhanced diuresis and expelling sodium, which maintains normal blood pressure. Also, the antioxidants in strawberries prevent the occurrence of heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis and other inflammatory and degenerative conditions of the blood vessels.

3. Maintained sugar level | it is good for diabetics

Glucose, sucrose and fructose are sugars which are abundant in strawberries, so that one cup of strawberries a day can meet the daily needs of sugars and also satisfy hunger, normalize insulin and prevent the deposition of excess sugar into fat depots.

4. Strawberry instead of aspirin

The strawberries are natural salicylates equivalents to synthetic acetyl salicylic acid in aspirin. So when you get a headache, eat a portion of strawberries instead of drink aspirin, and get to know the analgesic properties of strawberries.

The leaves of strawberries have always been used in the treatment of diarrhea and as a diuretic to stimulate urination, because it contains a lot of tannins

5. Strawberries for good immunity

Every fruit, even strawberry contains vitamin C which is a major ally in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Include seasonal fruits like strawberries in your diet and strengthen immunity.

6. Preserving sight

Vitamin A, beta carotene and flavonoids are important for preservation of vision. It is believed that strawberries can prevent the formation of cataracts, but also strengthens the cornea and retina during aging to become thinner and weaker.

7. Strawberry against bad cholesterol

Ellagic acid and flavonoids act effectively on the balance of cholesterol in the blood, preventing the oxidation and deposition on the walls of blood vessels, thus preventing atherosclerosis and thrombosis.

8. Good digestion

Vegetable fibers and the absence of pulp help to motor function of gut normally take place. Dietary fibers also absorb excess fat in the intestines, which makes strawberry as optional fruit on diets.

9. Treatment of diarrhea

The leaves of strawberries have always been used in the treatment of diarrhea and as a diuretic to stimulate urination, because it contains a lot of tannins, which have a role to ’’binds’’.

  • How to prepare strawberry tea for diarrhea?

It's necessary:

- 2 spoons of dried leaves of strawberries 
- A cup of boiling water

Hot water poured over the dry leaves and hang on 15 minutes. Then strain the tea and add honey and lemon.

  • Recipe for better digestion and bile secretion

It is necessary that during the two weeks, after the breakfast, lunch and dinner every day eat a portion of strawberries with the addition of honey and lemon.

  • Face mask of strawberries

Mature and firm strawberries cut into slices or mash them in a bowl and apply on the face such as a mask. After 20 minutes, wash face with water.

  • The trick for white teeth

In order to take off tartar and whiter teeth done, rub teeth with half of fresh strawberries.

The preservation of strawberries

Strawberries contain lots of water and can not long survive at room temperature. Therefore, it is best to eat them fresh, or if the remaining larger quantity disposed in refrigerator for two days.

Also, strawberries are fruits that can be frozen. It is sufficient that on the flat surface (plate) arrange the berries, sprinkle them with sugar and freeze for 24 hours. Then remove them from the freezer, and pack in containers for freezing berries and they will not deceive one another.

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