10 Health benefits of garlic

Basic characteristics and origin of garlic

Garlic (Allium sativum) is an herbaceous plant that belongs to the group of bulbs, because it has a bulb made of several individual cloves wrapped in a shell.

The origin area of garlic is Central Asia, from where later spread to the northern parts and to Europe. It belongs to the group of the oldest cultivated vegetable crops and is considered to date back more than 7 000 years ago.

For medicinal properties of garlic knew the old nations like the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans. In Egypt, the garlic gave the Jews who built the pyramids, in order to preserve health and to be in good shape.

In ancient Greece, many doctors and philosophers exalting the properties of garlic, saying that garlic gives the Divine's people, and have used it before the Olympics and various types of martial challenge.

In the Roman Empire, the Roman poet Virgil is proposed that intellectuals take garlic.

In Tibet, the garlic used for healing, for preparing garlic tincture that is used for the treatment of all diseases. From here encourages today's recipe - Tibetan medicine.

In the modern period, the period of the 19th century, American soldiers used garlic as a natural antibiotic and as a powerful antiseptic for wounds.

Nutritional composition of garlic

Nutritional composition of garlic in its raw state it looks like this:

- 65% water
- 15% of the nitrogen-free substances
- 7% of nitrogen compounds
- 0. 8% cellulose
- 1.5% minerals
- Low fat
- No starch

Mineral composition of garlic is composed of: magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, cobalt, copper, manganese, calcium, and molybdenum.

Since the vitamin is found in garlic - vitamin B complex, vitamin C, carotenes and nicotine acid.

It is well known fact that garlic lowers the pressure, so it is recommended in the diet of people who suffer from high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and thrombosis. In addition it reduces the pressure, garlic and participates in the metabolism of cholesterol by reducing the absorption of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream and promotes the absorption of good cholesterol.

The main ingredient in garlic that gives it a characteristic odor and taste, and in addition also has medicinal properties is alin, after which it was named garlic (Allium genus). But this form is inactive and has no function. Therefore, when preparing garlic for food, it is necessary to mash it or chop it, to eliminate enzyme alinaze that will gives an active form and that is - allicin.

Allicin is an excellent natural antibiotic, which has its faults - is sensitive to the presence of oxygen from contributing to air, which is why decompose and gives a strong garlic smell.

The connection between vitamin B1 and allicin is that they merged gather into the compound - altitiamin that dissolves and absorbs more vitamin B1 than in stand-alone form. In cases of cardiovascular disease and neurological status is recommended consumption of garlic, because these organic diseases are accompanied by deficiency of vitamin B1.

Health benefits of garlic

1. Cardiovascular System

It is well known fact that garlic lowers the pressure, so it is recommended in the diet of people who suffer from high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and thrombosis. In addition it reduces the pressure, garlic and participates in the metabolism of cholesterol by reducing the absorption of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream and promotes the absorption of good cholesterol. Therefore, the garlic is very fine ally in the prevention of myocardial infarction, stroke, aneurysms and all conditions that are related to degenerative changes in the blood vessels.

2. Immune System

Garlic is a natural antibiotic which has expressed antibacterial and antiviral properties. Thanks to the presence of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, garlic keeps the immune system and prevents the occurrence of infections. Therefore, it is recommended that at the time of occurrence of flu and colds use fresh garlic, because only then the body will be in a natural way protected against attack of bacteria and viruses. Application of garlic with the herpes virus produces positive results.

3. Fungal infections

Antifungal function of garlic is used in the treatment of a variety's natural fungal infections - athlete's foot, vaginal infections caused by Candida, skin fungal infections, fungal ear infections and more. Allicin from garlic effectively destroys the cells of fungi and removes them from the body.

4. Parasitic infestation in the intestines

People who constantly consume garlic in the diet do not have parasites in the intestines. It is a proven and research, because garlic effectively removes parasites from the intestine for 5-7 days.

5. Eliminates headaches and cramps in the legs

Garlic has properties to spread the blood vessels and allows for better circulation. In this way, helps to improve blood flow to the brain, relieves headaches, and also keeps the peripheral circulation to the legs and arms.

6. Application in dermatology

In dermatology, garlic is used in the form of a variety of natural products for the treatment of skin bacterial and fungi infections but also as the means against hair loss.

7. Respiratory tract

Garlic has proven to be good at the treatment of various lung diseases - bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia. Garlic helps expectorant because it affects the production of mucus.

8. Anticancer operation

Thanks to the numerous positive effects on the organism, garlic protects the immune system, strengthens blood leukocyte primary defence and prevents the formation of mutagenic cells.

9. Antioxidant operation

Thanks to a number of antioxidants, which contains, garlic slows the aging of cells and prevents the emergence of a number of chronic diseases that occur in old age, and one of them is Parkinson's disease.

10. The functioning of the nervous system

Thanks to the mineral selenium, garlic improves mood, reduces fatigue and anxiety.

Garlic possesses medicinal properties both in fresh, and in cooked form but it is important to know that against parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria recommended to use fresh garlic. In cooked form gives the best results for protecting blood vessels against infarction and thrombosis, while the pickled garlic is recommended as protection from cancer.

Natural preparations based on garlic

  • Natural preparation against baldness

For this purpose can be used two recipes:

1. Squeeze fresh juice from garlic and rub it on your scalp. Allow to stand overnight and in the morning wash your hair.

2. Mix the cup of medical alcohol or any stronger alcohol with 5-6 cloves garlic and leave to stand in a closed bottle about 5 days. After that, apply by a few drops of tincture of garlic on the hair roots, mostly half an hour before the scheduled washing hair. This treatment should be used for an extended period.

  • Tibetan medicine against cholesterol - the recipe

Wash the lemon rind (2 pounds) and grind finely garlic (8 oz), and place in a 32 fl oz of water that has been previously boiled.

- Cook the garlic and lemon in a covered pan at a reduced heat for 15 minutes.

- Then remove from heat and allow cooling.

- Obtained garlic and lemon in a glass jar and your Tibetan cure is certain.

- Tibetan medicine for cholesterol lemon and garlic drink every morning on an empty stomach at 0.5 dl. Treatment applies the next 25 days. Then make a break for 10 days and then reapply the garlic and lemons until fully recover.

  • Preparation for pimples, acne, herpes and warts

It is enough to exceed clove garlic in half and smear pimple or place of herpes. Allow to stand for 5 minutes, and then wash your face.

  • Preparation for the treatment of athlete's foot

In a bath filled with a little water, add a few cloves garlic, which is squeezed to let the juice. Immerse your feet in the water and hold for about 15-20 minutes.

  • Preparation with garlic for lowering temperature

Mash or finely chop a few cloves garlic, and drip feet with it. Wear socks and quickly the high temperatures will drop.

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